LMC 6154 Harvester



The LMC-Ag 6154 Harvester is a must have during your pecan harvest season. With it's compact style and simple function system it is a great complement to a small or large farming operation.

Easily harvest about 13,000 - 14,000 lbs. per day with about 50% less breakage on nuts due to auger design. Hydraulic easy operation dump up to 8 - 8 1/2'.

Fully enclosed design to help cut down on dust and debris created from roller. Dump basket capacity is around 800-850 pounds depending on variety. 

The dirt chain has been removed giving this harvester the capability of running in wetter conditions, it also prevents less sticks from getting into the augers. It has a PTO driven hydraulic pump with a CV joint capable of turning the sharpest of turns in all directions. 

The LMC-Ag 6154 Harvester is absolutely the most efficient machine for the money.